Industrial Scale Natural Products Extraction

Industrial Scale Natural Products Extraction

Category: Science
Published: 2011
Author: Hans-Jorge Bart & Stephan Pilz
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Authored by experts from leading industrial and academic institutions, this is essential reading for the hands-on scientist and office manager alike.The major focus is on the engineering aspects of extraction with organic and super-critical solvents, ionic liquids or surfactant solutions, and is supplemented by aspects of both up- and downstream processing, bio-transformation, as well as a survey of typical products in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. This is rounded off by market developments, economic considerations and regulations requirements in the field Covering the latest technologies in process engineering, this handbook and ready reference features high pressure processing, alternative solvents and processes, extraction technologies and bio-transformations -- describing greener, more efficient and sustainable techniques. The result is an expert account of engineering details from lab-scale experiments to large-scale industrial design.



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