International Financial Reporting Standards A Practical Guide 6th Edition

International Financial Reporting Standards A Practical Guide 6th Edition

Category: Economy
Published: 2010
Author: Hennie van Greuning, Darrel Scott, Simonet Terblanche
Download file format: Pdf


Now in its sixth edition, and with previous editions translated into 15 languages, this publication gives readers a broad and basic understanding of the key issues for each International Financial Reporting Standard. It summarizes each standard, providing a quick reference for managers and executives in the private and public sectors who may not have a strong background in accounting. This edition includes material of potential interest to the financial analyst. Most chapters also contain exercises which illustrate the practical application of key concepts in a particular standard. This provides the non-technical reader with the tools to participate in discussions on the appropriateness or application of a standard in a given situation. The reader can also evaluate the effect that applying a given standard will have on the financial results and position of a division or an entire enterprise. All of the accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) through September 30, 2010, are included in this publication.


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