Young Adults Deserve the Best: Yalsa's Competencies in Action

Young Adults Deserve the Best: Yalsa's Competencies in Action

Category: Young Adult
Published: 2011
Author: Sarah Flowers
Download file format: Pdf


As high school enrollment continues to rise, the need for effective librarianship serving young adults is greater than ever before. "Young Adults Deserve the Best: Competencies for Librarians Serving Youth," developed by Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), is a document outlining areas of focus for providing quality library service in collaboration with teenagers. In this book, Sarah Flowers identifies and expands on these competency areas. This useful work includes. Anecdotes and success stories from the field.Guidelines which can be used to create evaluation instruments, determine staffing needs, and develop job descriptions. Additional professional resources following each chapter that will help librarians turn theory into practice.The first book to thoroughly expand on this important document, Young Adults Deserve the Best is a key foundation tool not only for librarians but also for young adult specialists, youth advocacy professionals, and school administrators.



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